Daily program - Day 5th

Daily program - Day 5th

Daily program - 15/08/2015


Utilapu.hu The Hungarian and refugee members of Open Doors Hungary will initiate a conversation about the Hungarian and European asylum system by short, thought provoking, interactive games and situations with the "Szitizens". Why do refugees flee from their home-country? What difficulties do they face arriving to a completely different culture? How can they enrich the European society? The workshop participants can get closer to the topic by talking personally to the refugee youth living in Hungary about their experiences, difficulties, and possibilities.


CHOOSE LIFE! - Are you interested in how can you live in the city and not only survive, how you can save lifes and the world? Come and join us today


Dávid Márkus: Yes, you can – give chance & save lives David a 19 year-old medic balancing on the edge of life and death. His passion is to give chance. He has taught 2000 people to revive, his campaigns reached more than al million and he has his own first-aid instructor business. He addresses specific rescue and search of missing persons. Currently he is a volunteer at the Hungarian ambulance service. Listening to his presentation we can experience the magical power of giving chance and that we can count on fellow human beings.


Nelli Krajcsó: Make the most of your holiday - don't rush Have you ever had the feeling that you never really arrive anywhere on your travels? Is it common for you to schedule up your holidays and live the moments through the screen of your mobile phone? Do you usually feel even more tired after the days-off than before? Have you ever tried to take the train or a ship instead of flying? Can you switch off when you're supposed to rest? This is a talk about the importance and practice of slowing down during our travels with a focus on discovering Budapest in a meaningful way.