Daily program - Day 4th

Daily program - Day 4th

Daily program - 14/08/2015


KiBu – games of the future …

TELL ME Y! – Are you a Y feeling sometimes that people around you just don’t seem to catch up with the spinning of the world? Or are you fed up with Ys always walking off-track rewriting the rules? Come and listen to our speakers as they talk about how they see the world, what their drives are and how they create their future.


Orsolya Nemes: #wearehere / We are here and we are many Generation Y:ers (a.k.a. Millennials) are causing more and more headache at work. We think differently, we act differently, we communicate differently. Are we really lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents as the media and the public opinion suggests it, or is there another way to see us? The world has changed in the past ten years. A lot. The speed of business is always changing, the economy is too unpredictable and technology is evolving rapidly. This is what we saw growing up. This has defined how we look at the job market. Now we are here, in greater numbers than ever, banging on company doors (or founding our own) and turning the world of work upside down. We are balancing on the edge. On the edge of transitioning from the 20th century work culture into that of the 21st century. And you know what? Maybe in the end we'll make a difference.


Ádám Zeitler: Why we need to be the agents of change? One of the biggest challenges of Hungary and the CEE region is brain drain. Our talented, promising twenty-somethings are leaving the country in the hope of a brighter, more successful and financially more rewarding life. These are the people we need the most. The ones who can make a difference. But maybe them leaving the country is not that bad. Maybe it is even good for us. We just have to make sure that they are not leaving their identities behind.


Beatrix Mészáros & Tamás Mester: TherTinderConversion - do math, do love There are a lot of well-known questions and stereotypes what everybody knows and everybody has an own voice about. Brunettes or blondes? Is money really that important? What about look and appearance? How many of us are up for an adventure as an undercover lover? A social media expert, Beatrix Mészáros, and a data analyst guru, Tamás Mester, decided to find the answers. On Tinder.