Daily program - Day 3rd

Daily program - Day 3rd

Daily program - 13/08/2015


KiBu – games of the future …

Research on replicable formats of collaboration
The Format Project aims to collect, study and present a selection of collaborative formats, models and practices. With the rise of digital connectedness, collaboration methodologies have an increasing role and enabling power in contemporary societies as they establish and inspire new ways of social coexistence and cooperation, economic development and growth. The Format Project explores widely adopted practices of knowledge production, sharing and decision making. It examines how these formats were born, how they work and how they help practices succeed and spread virally beyond their original contexts, locations and communities. In the project we have been studying 30 cases from around the world. The cases will be presented in a forthcoming book and on our website (http://www.theformatproject.com/) with text descriptions, quick facts, visualizations and photos.

START OF ART – How can one master the art of roleplays, graffiti or music? Believe us, it takes a lot of effort, adventures and life changing experiences to become a pro.


Lambert Tóth - Birth of Worlds
Lambert Tóth has been creating games since his early childhood starting with labyrinths ending up with more complex board games. He created the fantasy world of Nemundir which came out as an RPG in 2007. In his vision the social experience of real games abut with the visual realms of digital games. In his talk Lambert guides us through that exciting and chaotic road that led him to creating new fantasy universe.



Taker - Decorating walls - outside
Taker has spent the past 11 years painting photorealistic murals. His paintings have attracted the media also. He tells us about his experiences and his belief how the graffiti subculture and the mainstrem society interests can be converged.


András Petruska
Enjoy the ride along the youngest metro line of Budapest with some musical background.